Why you should attend MobileMonday Yangon?


You get knowledge and idea

Those who are going to share at MobileMonday are great people, leading in their field of startup. They have plenty of knowledge so that you can get from them. At most of the time, we share about mobile technology and business. MobileMonday intends for startups and entrepreneurs from mobile industry. When your business always have to deal with mobile things, the event will give you knowledge and idea which you can apply in your business.

You get solution

Do you have any problem with your startup business? Is it about payment system, mobile device, mobile marketing, mobile startups or anything else? There you can probably get solution from others. It is the best if the speaker is in the same field with your business so that you should not miss the event. You have chance to discuss with them and you get chance to discuss with other comers.

You get business friends

There is no doubt if you would get friends or not. At least you need to accept other’s introduction to you. They will come to talk you and ask you about your business. If you there are having same idea or same attitude, you will become friends easily. You can later do business together. The comers are startups, entrepreneurs and business leaders not only from local but also from global sites. We also invites global experts to join the event.

You get business connections.

Yes. Apart from business friends, you will probably meet investors and angels from global and local region. If you can communicate with them very well at the event, they will offer you opportunities. But as this is not a purposed meet up place for finding investors, you should not try. Just get business cards or any contact to connect later. Whatever, you will get it.

You get foods

Every MobileMonday events give delicious foods. The event sometime treat you Pizza and BBQ. Beer is a must. MobileMonday give you at least two free tickets to get two cup of beer. We always choose the excellent restaurant in heart of Yangon downtown. We choose by criterias; foods, transporation, area of the space and convenience.

One more thing is that we don’t allow those who come to drink and eat, and sneak around after the event. We only accept those who are passionate in their field of business. See you all!