What to prepare for mobile age for your business in Myanmar



Myanmar is now having more than 10 percent of total population, who are using mobile phone. Most are living in big cities of the country such as Yangon, Mandalay, Naypyidaw, Taunggyi and so on. As telephone operators are expanding their business and trying to serve for more people, startups and business need to consider about their business which can be easily accessed by mobile users. The followings are what to prepare for mobile age for your business in Myanmar.

order topamax Make your website a responsive one for mobile devices

It is very important to have a website which is a responsive type so that people can look and see in right correct way in mobile device. Mobile version has to be in light weight of data format and reduced other features that are not needed to show up in mobile view. People use mobile phone to search website sometime. In the case we don’t need to show our website’s full feature. We only need to show needed features for those who visit by mobile device. If you don’t have, you will lost mobile visitors.

more helpful hints Make a mobile app

Having a mobile version website is not still enough. Do you think everyone will use internet browser of their smartphone? Some people use, but some people don’t spare their time for mobile websites. They just use mobile applications for everything, from reading news to shopping. Mobile phone shopping becomes a trending culture in western countries. There is also an advantage of the mobile app. The mobile app sends push notification to users’ smartphones that is what a mobile responsive website cannot do. So having a mobile app is a benefit when we can keep in touch with customers. You must have a mobile app for your business if it is a type of consumer products and services.

Connect with SMS marketing companies

There are not too much SMS marketing companies in Myanmar. We know Blue Ocean (it’s SMS marketing number ranges 1876, 1881 and so on) and another one company. You can also start a SMS marketing company or use their services for your marketing purpose.

Integrate your business by mobile payment systems

Nowadays, we can see that many local banks and companies are doing mobile banking and other mobile payment systems, which are easy to use. In the future, the user population will be increased dramatically. Before global payment gateway and systems are entering Myanmar, local mobile payment systems and mobile banking system will be survival ways for money transition. If you integrated them with your business, your customers have options for payment.

Think about mobile advertising

There are many ways to advertise on mobile devices and application. There are many service and agents which are available for advertising. In Myanmar, we can now see some apps which are being used by over 500,000 people. If you can connect with them and have a display advertisement, it will be an advantage. Google and other mobile search engine are also having places for advertising.