September MobileMonday Yangon will feature about Mobile Startup

discover here mobile monday myanmar

cheap viagra brisbane MobileMonday Yangon for September month will feature about Mobile Startup. There are many startup in mobile industry of Myanmar today such as Total Game Play, Nex, Rebbiz, etc. This time, you will have chance to learn from both local and global mobile statups. We invited experts from Silicon Straits to share their knowledge and experience of mobile startup field. A team of a local startup will also come share their idea and knowledge. We will confirm you later who they are. You will know them already because they are famous entrepreneurs in Myanmar. Then we also invited a group of entrepreneurs from other country. What do you think who they are and where they come from? They are also globally successful entrepreneurs, founding entrepreneur and startup community around the world. You will like it.

As MobileMonday is featuring on Mobile industry, this speakers will talk about technology they use, idea they have and their experience of starting up in mobile industry. Myanmar and other countries’ market are different in everything. As the country is just opening the door for business and small business, everything is still new to local startups. Since technology revolution in Myanmar is starting from mobile and telecommunication, founding a business in mobile industry is an excellent choice. There are still not too much company in Myanmar. Some are hybrid company, doing both mobile and other technology business. Ooredoo Myanmar, ideabox Myanmar and Silicon Straits together brought the international community event, MobileMonday into Myanmar to help Myanmar getting developed in mobile industry.

It is near that we are going to held MobileMonday Yangon September. We will soon announce who exactly are going to speak at the event, the place, time, date and where to register. Stay tuned!