MobileMonday Yangon and Net Guide Journal partner in Myanmar

buy provigil online with paypal MobileMonday Yangon and Net Guide Journal Today we would like announce you that MobileMonday Yangon and Net Guide partnered for media present of MoMo events. Net Guide Journal is a local technology journal, publishing in Myanmar market and having millions of readers. Net Guide Journal’s mission includes informing people about technology revolution of the country and worldwide. MobildMonday is a global event and has happened in Myanmar since April, 2014. Every events were amazing.

neurontin 300 mg uses Benefit for both sides by partnering

MobileMonday will get more tech audiences from Myanmar. Net Guide will help MobileMonday get known in local tech communities and get more participants. Media force is also one of the biggest weapon to get awareness of people. The more people know MoMo, the more people will get inspired. If we can inspire local tech people, the process if developing country by mobile technology will go quickly. Since MoMO Yangon events already had 100 top mobile tech business leaders in Myanmar participated, the journal will also get benefit from local tech business community. Journal need readers and business connection. MoMo Yangon need public awareness. We partner to help each other for future development.

What will you be seeing?

You will see Net Guide vinyls in future events and links from MobileMonday Yangon website. If you are reading Net Guide Journal, you will see featured article abou MobilMonday Yangon. We are writing article weekly and will give you exclusive and recap information about events. If you could not make to attend the events, you can still get news and information at Net Guide Journal. You will also get teasing news about MobileMonday Yangon events. You can feel like a VIP as you are getting early news about MoMo Yangon.

Currently, Blink PR and Digital Marketing Agency is taking care of PR responsibility of MoMo. Blink will also coöperate with us while partnering with Net Guide.

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